Cafe Le Whore and Other Stories (Weavers Press, 2013)

“The places, the events and the people can’t be separated — and you bring all three to life — and sorrow-compassion act like a thread that weaves them together. Bravo!” – Roshni Rustomji-Kerns

“A potpourri of irreverent, logic-defying, quirky, and melancholic short stories, the book should have been more widely available all over the world.” – Saeed ur Rehman

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The Idol Lover and Other Stories of Pakistan (Ithuriel’s Spear, 2008)

“Sheikh maps the ways in which South Asian identities cohere and threaten to disintegrate at the contradictory intersections of memory, desire, connection, and exploitation.” – Arnab Chakladar

“… the title story and “Gypsy Leaves” provide us with an engaging voice of a daring new writer.” – David Lincoln

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A Letter from India : Contemporary Short Stories from Pakistan (Penguin India, 2004)

Leaving Home: Towards a New Millennium (Oxford University Press, 2002)

A Dragonfly in the Sun: An Anthology of Pakistani Writing in English (Oxford University Press, 1998)

Living in American: Poetry and fiction by South Asian American authors (Westview Press, 1995)

Stories published online:

“Do not go!” in Borderless Journal

“Informal Grief” in The Nonconformist

“Amelie” in The Nonconformist

“When Man Sleeps” in Weber – The Contemporary West

Mr. Samuel Washington is Ready” in Weber – The Contemporary West (see page 119 of issue)

“Sunshine” in The Best Asian Short Stories (Kitab International)